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Spectrum Blue has officially become a member of the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, marking a significant stride in the advancement of healthcare innovation.

The Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, renowned for its collaborative efforts in driving technological advancements in healthcare, welcomes Spectrum Blue into its network of health related innovators. Spectrum Blue brings to the table its expertise in developing solutions aimed at revolutionizing antimicrobial coating of surfaces at health institutions..

As a member of the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Spectrum Blue gains access to a rich ecosystem of industry players, researchers, and policymakers dedicated to leveraging technology to address healthcare challenges. This collaboration opens up avenues for knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and joint initiatives focused on enhancing healthcare outcomes.

Spectrum Blue’s inclusion in the cluster underscores its commitment to fostering synergies within the healthcare ecosystem and driving innovation forward. With a focus on fighting unwanted and dangerous bacteria and viruses, Spectrum Blue aims to contribute to the cluster’s mission of harnessing technology to create smarter, more efficient healthcare systems.

The Norwegian Smart Care Cluster anticipates that Spectrum Blue’s membership will catalyse new opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and accelerate the development and adoption of transformative healthcare technologies. Through joint efforts, the cluster and Spectrum Blue aspire to pave the way for a future where technology plays a central role in delivering high-quality, patient-centred care.

Stay tuned for updates as Spectrum Blue and the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster embark on this journey towards shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and collaboration.